Advanced Gyro – 6 Off for West Point


Set of 6 off advanced Gyroscopes discounted for Dr Paula Fekete. As discussed price is inclusive of shipping.



Set of 6 off advanced Gyroscopes discounted for Dr Paula Fekete. As discussed price is inclusive of shipping.

There is something inherently fascinating about gyroscopes that captivate almost anybody who observes them. Counter-intuitive motion, with unexpected reactions to turning produce an almost magical effect.

I always wanted to make a high quality gyroscope, and spent so much time searching for design enhancements that would create something unique.

Following extensive development, and my very first application for patent, I am pleased to be able to introduce the Advanced-Gyro!

This advanced precision gyroscope uses no string or motor to start it spinning, simply allow the contact ball to contact a work surface while rolling it in either a straight line, or in a circular motion. Speeds of over 3500 RPM are easily achievable, and with practice the rotor can reach almost 10,000 RPM. The best part is that the gyro can be sped back up at anytime without any need to stop the rotor and attach a motor or string meaning that there needn’t be any break in play!

Machined from Solid stainless steel this gyroscope is incredibly high quality, and very heavy. That mass provides a substantial rotor that is purposefully designed to maximize the performance of the gyroscope. The discus form of this instrument allows many effects to be observed by simply placing the gyroscope on its side that would usually require gimbals.

The elegant stand, also machined from solid stainless steel uses three ball bearings to minimise friction with the precessing gyroscope. This leads to fascinating and unique motions being observed, where the precessing gyroscope will actually elevate over time, until fully vertical where most other gyroscopes simply slowly descend. Once vertical, the gyro is free to spin on the unique bearing arrangement. It is a striking reaction.

This gyroscope is also a beautifully crafted spinning top. You can expect long spin times sitting still, or the device can be tilted slightly, which will set it off on a circular path across any desk or work surface.


There is no other gyroscope like this, and I am pleased to present to you, the Advanced Gyro!

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 4 cm


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