The most beautiful demonstration of fluid dynamics, and it is available for your desk. 

Crystals of mica reflect and refract light giving a stunning insight in to the behaviour of fluid flowing under the surface of the glass dome.

The Vortex Dome is the perfect aid for focus, relaxation and creative inspiration.

A stunning turquoise blue Vortex Dome just arrived and it’s even better than I anticipated. The crafting is superb and will make a great toy for years to come. Thank you David for making this fabulous object and for being so great to deal with!


This Gyroscope needs no string or motor to spin. Patent pending surface drive provides an infinite ratio to accelerate the rotor to many 100s of RPM!

This Gyro weighs in at nearly 1/2kg, once you hold it you will feel the quality of this precision device


Use this like a spinning top, or place on its edge. Touch the Gyroscope to see how it responds, and precesses. 

Use the base, and you will see some very unusual physics at work! I’d love to hear your thoughts, or explainations!

Advanced Gyro – an item that seems to defy all logic and expectation, let alone the very physical laws its creator set out to demonstrate.

Daniel Lee