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Tesla Valve Demo in SOlid Oak

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The Classic Glass Hand Boiler

This is a classic demonstration of thermodynamics.

Crafted from hand-blown glass, and filled with a coloured alcohol. This executive desk toy demonstrates the relationship between temperature, pressure and the volume of a gas.

The alcohol is contained within the glass vessel, the liquid vapourising is prevented by the enclosed glass containing the vapour pressure of the liquid. When you hold the bulb, when heat is added to the system, the temperature of the vapour increases as does the pressure it exerts on the glass material, and on the surface of the alcohol.

This pressure is higher than that in the colder, top bulb and so pressure is equalised as the pressure on the surface of the liquid effectively pushes the fluid in to the straw. Once the fluid is transfered to the point that the level in the bottom bulb is equal to the bottom of the straw, vapour is forced in to the line, and this gives the effect of bubbling and boiling in the top vessel...

These are fascinating and low cost devices that everyone can have at home or on their desks at work...


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