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Portfolio of work

In this section I list some of my previous and current projects. Most are available for sale or as an example of things previously completed.

Items are sorted in to physical and data/productivity projects.

More content comming soon!!!

Projects you can touch!

Testing Nikola Teslas Valvular Conduit

Test of the Tesla Valve!!

Teslas solid state valve

Cavitation Demonstration unit

Cavitation Demonstrator

Demonstration of cavitation.

Very simple to use, and not only gives a visual demonstration of cavitation, but also a feel, a haptic understanding of how this process alters flow.

What do you need?

As discussed we have a wide range of expertise and experience, We would love to help you. Realising a prototype, evolving through manufacture to setting up lean and responsive supply chain elements. Product realisation is all part of the service.

We are engineers, and we can help you!

We particularly enjoy the design and production of bespoke and one off pieces. Demonstration pieces for sales or training are a speciality, as are test rigs.


We have a number of videos uploaded to our YouTube.com channel and will continue to add more.

Come and check them out...!!

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