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Glass and Colourful Plastic Cavitation Plunger Demonstrator

This is a really helpful visualisation tool that helps you to see how cavitation can form, but also feel its effects.

How does it work?

Its easy. Fill the demonstrator with plain water, and push or pull one plunger, slowly at first, and then increasing speed. The velocity of water flowing though the nozzle will gradually increas, until it reaches a point where the pressure drops enough for cavitation to form. the water will boil and be vapourised before recondensing in the second chamber.

What do you need?

As discussed we have a wide range of expertise and experience, We would love to help you. Realising a prototype, evolving through manufacture to setting up lean and responsive supply chain elements. Product realisation is all part of the service.

We are engineers, and we can help you!

We particularly enjoy the design and production of bespoke and one off pieces. Demonstration pieces for sales or training are a speciality, as are test rigs.

We have a number of videos uploaded to our channel and will continue to add more.

Come and check them out...!!

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