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Tesla's Solid State Masterpiece

Nikola Tesla is best known for his contribution towards the transmission of electricity, the electric motor and use of alternating currents

There is a growing awareness of this engineers greater body of work and how prolific his inventions have become in their influence on the modern world.

My own field of experience is in the deisgn, manufacture and application of pumps, and from this perspective I find the invention shown here to be of great interest. The Nikola Tesla valvular conduit is something that hasnt seen a great deal of development from its initial inception. The device has been used in some applications, such as fluidics, however useful applicatoins are yet to be identified. what interests me with this device is that it is very simple, required no moving parts, and forms a conduit that allows a free flow of fluid in one direction, but a restricted flow in the reverse direction. The valvular conduit is not a ckeck valve, it will allow a flow in reversce but at an increased resistance.

Tesla visioned this as a feed to his disc turbine engine, though materials and implimentation at the time were not feasable, and there has since been improvements in more conventional technologies.

With the above in mind the valvular conduit is still a very interesting and though inspiring object.Below are two models for you to have a look at, and below these is a video I placed on youtube of me testing one. The forward and reverse flows are visualised with air bubbles in the fluid stream allowing you to see the extra turbulence and work down when the fluid is flowed backwards... I can supply models of this device if there is any interest, so please feel free to contact me...

Square Valve by physicshack on Sketchfab

Tubular Valve Section by physicshack on Sketchfab

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