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So, if you work with any simple data at all, chances are that every now and again you will need to use that data to make predictions. One of the most common ways to do this it to take that data in its graphical form and to draw lines on it that can then be measured and scaled readings taken.

If you want to feel more precise, you may perform some form of interpolation between points of data. This is a simple technique in terms of calculation however, if like me you occasionally find yourself having moments of moronic interludes, what is important to remember is that errors made in this case are not obvious, and the data should be closely checked.

What I have found useful is to produce a tool that sits between the graphical and interpolation techniques. This gives a more natural way of working with data, solves the error issue and actually produces some nice graphics that can be used in reports, emails and other communications.

I have made the video below, and if you think this might be of use to you, the excel sheet is free to download on the following link -Interpolation Tool-

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