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So here it is, the stuff that ive been doing, looking at and pondering... Mainly pondering.

Testing Nikola Teslas Valvular Conduit

Test of the Tesla Valve!!

Teslas solid state valve

Nikola Teslas Valvular Conduit

Vidoe and models of Tesla's famous solids state valve!

Teslas solid state valve

Interpolatoin Tool

Free download of an interpolation tool that can be used to analyse data. Very useful and simple too. Video tutorial as well. Hope you enjoy!

Really useful tool for analysing data.

Free Coffee Stirrer Composite Crossbow Model

Ever stirred your coffee and been aware that there was likely so much more capability locked away in that little wooden stirrer?

Well, you were right...

Seriously cool coffee stick project...

Carbon 3D

100 times faster than traditional machines already, and just taken a $100 million investment from Google

Exciting times for Carbon 3D and the world of additive manufacturing!

100 time faster printing!!!

Easy Wireless Electricity Circut

Think your wireless phone charger is hi-tech?

Well it may be, but it was invented nearly 100 years ago! This video is an air-core transformer that is set to resonate and so induce an alternating current wirelessly

This is ont of my favourite projects to demonstrate this prinicple. Its simple and cheap too!!!!

Nikola Tesla's Valvular Conduit

This is a solid state valve, no moving parts invented by Nikola Tesla around 100 years ago! The device isnt a check valve but exhibits far increased turbulence and losses in the reverse direction and so flow in that direction is Harder!

What do you need?

As discussed we have a wide range of expertise and experience, We would love to help you. Realising a prototype, evolving through manufacture to setting up lean and responsive supply chain elements. Product realisation is all part of the service.

We are engineers, and we can help you!

We particularly enjoy the design and production of bespoke and one off pieces. Demonstration pieces for sales or training are a speciality, as are test rigs.


We have a number of videos uploaded to our YouTube.com channel and will continue to add more.

Come and check them out...!!

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