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So youre here! Good. About time... :)

We make beautiful and interesting physics toys. We are experienced product and process engineers and can help you develop your prototypes, find your supply chain, manage production, define processes...

This space here is where we offer our services as a mechanical and processs design engineers. We have a number of products and will be working hard to get them on to this site. Some have been designed and made by us while others are simply items that that we find fascinating and assume that owing to this fact you might too.

We are profesional engineers and have many years experience accumulated between all of us in a range of disciplins. Manufuring and the design of manufactured products, Process improvements, lean as well as lean office systems. We consult on productivity (office and works) as well as the design and applicatoin of productivity enancing tools including data and spreadsheet design, process automation and value stream flow improvement projects and all related activities and training.


The Vortex Dome

Complex Vortices from Simple Motion

Beautiful desk toy to aid creativity and focus at the office, at home or on the coffee table.

Tesla Valve

Tubuar design; Tested

Test of a physical valvular conduit - Tesla valve in tubular form

Tesla Valve in Solid Oak

Beautiful demonstration of the Tesla Valve - Valvular Conduit made in solid oak.

Lenzs Law Rocket Demonstration

Great hands on visual demonstration of Lenzs Law.

What do you need?

As discussed we have a wide range of expertise and experience, We would love to help you. Realising a prototype, evolving through manufacture to setting up lean and responsive supply chain elements. Product realisation is all part of the service.

We are engineers, and we can help you!

We particularly enjoy the design and production of bespoke and one off pieces. Demonstration pieces for sales or training are a speciality, as are test rigs.


We have a number of videos uploaded to our YouTube.com channel and will continue to add more.

Come and check them out...!!

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